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Easy to use.


The Right Technology

Over 80% of families select this option when given the choice.  Aquamation is the solution that moves businesses ahead of others as consumer needs change and environmental regulations tighten.   Our customers are able to install this equipment in places that would never get approval for a flame crematory – like a downtown historic funeral home.  It opens the doors for how easily they can begin to offer this service, and with the consumer demand – their market share increases.

The Right Equipment

Bio-Response systems work for you, not the other way around.  Our design team understands—in detail— the challenges that small businesses must manage.  You’re not a huge institution with full time maintenance staff, so we don’t build the equipment that way!  We’ve designed our equipment to be simple, reliable, and safe.

The Right Team

The technology and equipment are the smaller parts to this partnership.  Who supports you?  What resources are available?  What’s the level of experience  of the support staff?  We’re proud to have over 35 years of experience building equipment and supporting customers.  We’ve organically grown to include a robust staff of regulatory, engineering, technical, and marketing experts.  We are here to share what we know with our customers and constantly move forward with new features and resources. 

When I purchased my machine I was hoping 50% of our families would choose Aquamation. Since the beginning, over 90% of our families have chosen Aquamation over flame cremation for their loved ones.

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