You may inquire by email or phone (317-386-3500). You are always welcome to visit our facility in Danville, Indiana.

We can provide you with information on the process, equipment and operational costs, and answer any questions you may have.

To help you better understand the equipment, we have PDF presentations with photos and details of existing installations. If you would like to see an existing installation, we can arrange a site visit.

Financing and Leasing

Bio-Response Solutions has worked with numerous lenders who have financed our alkaline hydrolysis systems. We are happy to play a role in educating your selected agents for these services.

If you do not have a lender selected, we have a list of lenders that our customers have successfully worked with to finance their systems at competitive rates. We are not associated with the services in any way; we provide them simply as a resource to you if you would like representation from an already qualified agent.

Some lenders do provide leasing options. If you are interested in leasing equipment, we can provide you with more information.

Warranty & Support

All of our equipment has been built to last for well over 25 years. Traditional crematory equipment requires re-bricking every 5-10 years. The Bio-Response Solutions systems involve minimal maintenance costs, and do not require any major maintenance items equivalent to re-bricking.

Each system includes a 1 year materials warranty. Extended warranties are available and affordable.

All of our systems include the option of Ethernet or phone modem diagnostics, allowing factory assistance to anywhere in the world.

Our customers have 24-hour support, 7 days a week. Systems out of warranty period may be subject applicable fees. 

Preparation, Ordering, and Delivery

We provide regulatory guidance, technical information, and site requirements. We have an installation guide with photos to assist you with your site preparation.

Our systems are extremely versatile – Our human systems are installed in facilities ranging from industrial buildings to funeral homes. Our pet systems are installed in facilities ranging from dairy barns to state-of-the-art veterinary hospitals and funeral homes.

Delivery of the systems can range from 8-25 weeks from time of order; we will inform you of the expected delivery time during the ordering process.

Our systems are simple to install, and most are processing their first cycle within 24 hours of delivery.

Our experienced Bio-Response team offers on-site start-up and training. We stay on-site to ensure the equipment owner and operating team are fully comfortable with the process and system operation. We can train as many employees as you wish.


Almost all states and areas have approved alkaline hydrolysis for pet disposition or alternative processing of animal mortalities. There are currently 28 US states and four Canadian provinces which have approved alkaline hydrolysis for human disposition (please see our FAQ page for the most up to date information). Numerous states have pending legislation and rule changes to accommodate this new technology.


Regulators & Permitting

We can provide information to regulatory authorities in the process of addressing the technology. We have over 25 years of experience with alkaline hydrolysis technology, and can be a great information resource to authorities.

There are essentially two ways alkaline hydrolysis can be regulated. Some states have chosen to consider alkaline hydrolysis a form of cremation; this is achieved through modification of existing cremation laws. Other states have chosen to regulate alkaline hydrolysis as its own, separate form of disposition; this is achieved through the creation of a new form of disposition (often under “Alkaline Hydrolysis,” or by modification of existing alternative disposition laws).

Please inquire on permitting assistance.

Click here to read NFDA’s most recently updated model guidelines for the state regulation of alkaline hydrolysis as its own form of disposition. For more information you may visit NFDA’s website:

Click here to read CANA’s most recently updated model cremation law which accommodates alkaline hydrolysis. For more information, you may visit CANA’s website:

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