STEP 2: Planning Information

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On this page:

  •  Costs and Benefits

  •  Introduction to Aquamation

  •  Example Room Setups

  •  Marketing Materials

System in Operation

WARNING: This confidential document contains graphic images.

Purchasing Information

Price List

Financing Guide

Permit Processing Video

The refundable permitting cost has been updated.  This will be communicated before we start working on the process.

Business Planning Documents

Water Usage

Cycle Cost Breakdown

Facility Planning Documents

Overview and Available Options

Available Machine Options

Facility Setup Equipment

Critical Checklist

Ancillary Documents

Ancillary Sources

Hot Water Heater

System Guides

Electrical Guide

Plumbing Guide

co2 Guide

Technical Information

Technical Specifications

Machine Dimensions Drawing

Connections Drawings

Minumum Space Requirements

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